About Impak Ng Sikat – DLSU

Impak Ng Sikat-DLSU features 50 influential Lasallian graduates who wave the Philippine flag proud.

Although hundreds have engraved their names in history and the hearts and minds of Filipinos, these 50 graduates are the most prominent and successful in their own fields.

It is time to see what our mighty Alma Mater has molded. It is time to appreciate these special minds that once walked the halls we are in right now. For all we know, we can be where they are.




Arielle Poblete is a comical cynic. She graces the halls of DLSU-Manila as a Communication Arts Major and a Menagerie writer in The LaSallian. She aspires to be a traveller, journalist, screenwriter, and film director (whatever floats her boat), all dedicated for the betterment of everyone she can reach. Check her wordpress blog, that would really make her day: acomicalblog.wordpress.com


Aya Garganera is a 3rd year Communication Arts major at the De La Salle University. Aya is a contributor for  maanicmondays.blogspot.com where she posts anything and everything under the sun. As a Professional Squark (shark+squirrel) she likes to spend her mornings out and about on the town and scarfing down anything made with chicken at night.


Donna Lapena is a second year Communication Arts major student. Because she grew up in Puerto Princesa City she is really fond of the beach and basically the whole outdoor scene. During her free time she watches films, reads novels or takes photographs of people and landscapes.


Joaquin Hernandez (or Chino) is currently in his 3rd Third as a Communication Arts Major in De La Salle University. Aspiring to be a film director, Chino enjoys to watch movies and write screenplays. On his spare time Chino likes to do research and write papers based on people and film that interest him. He currently has another blog here in wordpress entitled: Chinomatography.



Marguit Tolentino is a second year Communication Arts Major from De La Salle University. As a University writer for The LaSallian, she spends some of her time in the campus looking out for news stories to write about. Currently, she is hoping to pass all her subjects for the term.


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