Rico Yan: The Remembered Matinee Idol

Rico Yan, who passed away in March 29 2002, was a Filipino celebrity who had achieved a flourishing career in showbiz in just a span of 8 years. Graduating from De La Salle University with a degree in Marketing and Management, Yan wasn’t only an actor, model and businessman but toured the country as a Youth Spokesperson for the Department of Education. He will definitely be remembered as Lassalian achiever long pass his death.


Born on March 14, 1975 Yan was the grandson of former Foreign Affairs Secretary General Manuel Yan and the nephew of legendary broadcaster Angelo Castro, Jr. He was also the boyfriend of movie star Claudine Barretto when he was found dead in his hotel room right after shooting his last movie “Got 2 Beileve”.

Yan was a known face in Philippine Media, starring in at least 12 movies including “Mula Sa Puso” (1999) and “Gimik: The Reunion” (1999), he was also in multiple television shows for ABS-CBN (which he as under contract to). Yan was a member of the Star Magic Circle and was nominated for numerous awards like the FAMAS and Star Awards. In addition, Rico Yan was also the endorser of many big brands in the country like Greenwhich Pizza, Master Eskinol & Talk N’ Text.

Despite Rico Yan’s death, he will also be remembered as a great matinee idol and one of the most famous faces in Philippine media.


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