Ralph Recto: An Unyielding Soul (Business Administration)


In every restaurant we eat in, do you ever wonder what that EVAT thing is? EVAT or the Expanded Value Added Tax, as the name implies, is mainly concerned with the increase of payment in every transaction in formal restaurants, fast food chains, and many other businesses. The man behind the magic is none other than Mr. Ralph Recto.

The EVAT is something that may be a pure burden for the pockets of the general and normal citizens. We sometimes ask “Why would I even want to pay for something that I surely won’t get back?” Well, that’s the awkward question.

But in one way or another, we cannot deny that the man behind this is one influential personality.

Recto graduated from DLSU with a degree in BS Business Administration, and being in a family of politicians, he acquired a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (University of the Philippines) and also in Strategic Business Economics (University of Asia and the Pacific). All degrees being of great help to his future political endeavors.

Recto was a member of the House of Representatives, the National Economic and Development Authority, and most especially, the Senate where he encountered numerous issues and critiques. The most recent though is yet another one of his authored works, the Sin Tax law.

Mr. Recto isn’t just known to be the husband of the “Star for all Seasons”, he is also known to be a straightforward and critical public server. No politician is perfect, and not letting this imperfections get to your mind is truly a characteristic very hard to execute by any individual.




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