Lim Eng Beng: The Guy in 14


Lim Eng Beng is probably the most notable player from the NCAA, back when the school was still De La Salle College. Lim Eng Beng studied Financial Management in De La Salle from 1971-1974, within the duration of his stay in La Salle he was also part of the Green Archers.

He continued playing for the school even after getting numerous invitations from PBA teams. As a reward by his coach they decided to make retire his jersey number which was 14, it was the first time in history that they did that. Lim Eng Beng was a record maker; a lot of his records are still unbeaten. He earned a lot of titles such as The Greatest Offensive Player NCAA Has Ever Seen, The Eagle Killer, and he still holds the record of the most points made in an NCAA game which was 55 points and he also has the highest scoring average in a season which was 33 points.

After graduating from La Salle, he continued his career by playing in the PBA. He became U-tex Wrangler’s player however he did not enjoy PBA as much as his NCAA days because players in PBA only work for money, which was very different from his varsity days where he plays for his school.

At the moment he is coaching the varsity of his high school, Chang Kai Shek. His three children also graduated from De La Salle University.


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