Carlos Quirino: A Historical Treasure

normal_Carlos_QuirinoHistory is one of the best things humans have and will ever have. No history, no future some even say, and this next graduate we’re going to feature is considered as one of the best and most important teller of our future. My fellow Filipinos, Sir Carlos Quirino.

He is most famous as a scholar, writer, and biographer. Some of the highly acclaimed biographies he has done in his lifetime are those of Quezon (Man of Destiny, 1935) and Rizal (The Great Malayan, 1938). But he wasn’t only about biographies. In his time, he was also responsible for a subject-wide collection of literary publications such as political pamphlets and travel literature, as well as book chapters, proposals, prefaces, postscripts, book reviews, and the like.

His works are a great influence on future historical resources not only because of the timeliness, but also to the incredible writing of Mr. Quirino. Just think about it, without this man, we might barely know Jose Rizal.

Such contribution to the Philippine society isn’t worth disregarding, and that is why Mr. Quirino is such a national treasure.

He was the first ever recipient of the National Artist of the Philippine for Historical Literature.

Here are his other works: Man of Destiny (1935), The Great Malayan (1940), Magsaysay and the Philippines (1958), Philippine Cartography (1959), Damian Domingo: First Eminent Filipino Painter (1961), History of the Philippine Sugar Industry (1974), Filipinos at War (1981), Amang, the Life and Times of Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr. (1983)





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