Rico Hizon: The Foreign Correspondent (Communication Arts and Business)

This pose seems familiar..

Korina Sanchez, Noli De Castro, Ted Failon and Mike Enriquez are just a few of our beloved new reporters that we see every night on television delivering us our dose of local news. What about abroad however? Well, don’t fret! Rico Hizon is another news anchor not for 24 Oras or TV Patrol but for BBC’s Newsday. He is the first-ever Filipino news anchor to work for  and BBC World News.

Hizon and former President of the United States Bill Clinton

He graduated from the De La Salle University with a double degree in Communication Arts and Business. In 2009, he received the La Sallian Achivement Award for Global Journalism and I must say, he deserves it! In 2012 he was awarded by People Asia as People of the Year. It is people like Hizon who give us Communication Arts majors hope that one day we can make it big as well. So tune in to BBC World and you might just see the effect of a Lasallian education.


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