Ernest Cu: Top of the Globe (Industrial Management Engineering)

Globe’s very own CEO, Mr. Ernest Cu.

Whenever you send a message or call someone in your mobile, do you ever wonder what or who makes your transaction possible?

Well, our next Lasallian graduate, indeed one of the most successful and influential of the batch, is the CEO of Globe Telecom himself, Mr. Ernest Cu (Industrial Mechanical Engineering).

Mr. Cu may is best known as Globe’s tough and practical boss, but he didn’t get to this platform that easily.

In the span of his whole career, numerous businesses and corporations have been turned in a 360 degree by this man. Some of which are the SPi Technologies where he worked as president and CEO, and Crestech, a Japanese Printing company where he was even offered to take over the business and work full-time, an offer he declined, thinking that the company had “limited growth opportunities”. So he went back to the Philippines and that was when he started flipping SPi Technologies.

Mr. Cu also has an M.B.A. with in Finance, Accounting, and Operations Management from Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellog Graduate School of Management Northwestern University.

He revolutionized SPi. Many company shifts and turns were directed by Mr. Cu with the strong and innate ambition to be more specialized and global, thus making SPi a top brand.

But he left SPi eventually, and started revolutionizing yet another company, one of the biggest company in our country, a company whose sudden disappearance would probably make millions and millions of teens mourn, the Globe Telecom. Cu says that he plans to make Globe the number 1 in the Broadband industry and currently, he’s nearing or probably in the peak already.

What makes Mr. Cu a special man? He is practical, he is a critical thinker, and most of all, he is talented and smart (pun unintended). He knows how he should manage his talents, and that’s what makes him the business maven he is now. There’s no stopping this man, he just continues to raise the bar in the telecommunication and broadband industries, and no doubt he can surpass anything.







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