Cirilo Bautista: An Epic Poet (Doctor of Arts in Language and Literature)


We all know of the two Homerian epics: The Oddysey and the Iliad but did you know that the Philippines has its own epic too? Oh yes, it’s called The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus written by none other than Cirilio F. Bautista.

Bautista is one of those writers that put us on the map It is safe to say that he is an international sensation because he received fellowships from the United States and Britain, having been the only Filipino to ever receive a fellowship from the University of Iowa and Trinity College respectively.  His poems, anthologies and novels are also published in those countries as well as Japan, Malaysia and Germany.

Locally, he is a winner of the Palanca Hall of Fame Awards and he was also awarded as Makata ng Taon in 1993. Also, he has won the National Book Award five times! Bautista has won many others, multiple times that one post is not enough. He has made us all proud to be a Lasallian who has achieved such prestigious remarks and awards and he has been a great service to the Philippines as he spreads the word about our literary capabilities.


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