An interview with Corazon Dizon-Bitong, BAYO (Marketing Management)

Corazon Bitong (middle) together with spouse Camilo Bitong Jr. (left), and actress Anne Curtis (right).

Being one of the most recognized women’s apparel brand in the Philippines, BAYO has indeed embossed greatly its own unique name and style in the Philippine fashion industry.

BAYO has this laid-back, clean, classic yet hip style on each of their designs, may it be in their clothes, bags or jewelry. BAYO’s designs are ready-to-wear, original, and really suit and entice the modern-day Filipina. Their designs are even compared at times with foreign brands such as The Gap, Old Navy and Esprit; a real indicator that BAYO is a world-class Filipino brand.

Earlier this year, BAYO was bashed by numerous netizens and critiques by their ‘What’s Your Mix?’ campaign, but this controversy did not let BAYO even waver one bit. BAYO remained proper and professional, showing their deepest repentance for all offended by the aforementioned campaign. The brand continues to grow for numerous branches across the map pop up.

The Kilabot team had the opportunity to ask some IMPAK-tful questions to none other than the owner of Bayo and a Lasallian graduate herself, Mrs. Corazon Dizon-Bitong.

IMPAK: Tell us something about yourself. (Educational background, career, family)

CORAZON: I am a graduate of De la Salle. I took Marketing Management because I wanted to work in an advertising agency or a hotel. But God had other plans for me. I am married to Camilo Bitong Jr and we have 5 kids. Four boys who all went to La Salle Greenhills and 1 girl. Me and my sister—Lynn Agustin started Bayo 20 years ago. And together with our spouses we made it into what it is today, all 4 of us graduates of DLSU.

I: Why did you choose DLSU?

C: We are basically a La Salle family. We grew up with the La Salle brothers because Bro. Roly DIZON was an uncle- my father’s brother. We love La Salle. My husband went to De La Salle. All my boys studied in La Salle Greenhills.

I: What values from DLSU were you able to take with you to get where you are now? Or how did the Lasallian education make an impact on your life?

C: I learned all the basics in business here in DLSU but what I practice the most even to this day is good Business ethics. In running a business it is important to know what is fair to your suppliers, partners, employees and most of all to your customers.

Having no experience in running a business aside from my Marketing Management degree in college we put up BAYO. From less than 10 employees in sales and sewing departments in its initial years, we now provide jobs to about 300 people.

I: How have you made an impact to the lives of others?

C: As an Entrepreneur we should create and provide jobs for our countrymen.
We hire workers for our businesses. It is in this manner that I believe we make an impact on others. We have employees who have been with us since we started. We’ve made them our responsibility. They play a big part in our success.

I: What advice would you give to those who wish to follow your footsteps?

C: Be passionate. Always be honest and fair with your dealings. Hard work is key.
Take care of your employees.



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