Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuangco: San Miguel’s Lifeline

Yes, he is from THAT Cojuangco family, so you might be asking, what’s new? They may all have the same billions of money and a lifetime supply of national recognition, but there is something special and unique with this one Cojuangco that I will be disclosing to you in just a while.

The San Miguel Corporation is the biggest and most influential food and beverage company in the Philippines. It covers the most common necessities of the common kitchen from beers to hotdogs, from butter to meat, the San Miguel Corporation has it all for you.

Eduardo Cojuangco, just like Mr. John Gokongwei, is a billionaire-philanthropist. Just earlier this year, he plunked down over P45 million so that 2,000 public school teachers in Tarlac could get a diploma from the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod (

In the Martial Law era, Cojuangco was actually one of the Rolex 12 of then dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. Funny how he’s both a Marcos supporter and the cousin of Noynoy Aquino at the same time. Cojuangco was considered by Marcos as one of the most trustworthy among his 12 followers. Actually, he was very close to Marcos to the point that he was even accused to be the crime leader of his cousin’s death.

Instead of being a former governor of Tarlac, Mr. Eduardo also dipped his toes into deeper and more crucial politics in the 1992 presidential elections, but did not win. He was third next to Miriam Santiago as the second and President Fidel Ramos as the winner. But this did not stop him from helping and shifting peoples’ life for the better.

Now though, Mr. Cojuangco is just one of the most leading businessmen in the Philippines. His San Miguel Corporation continues to grow, and he provides even more jobs for people. He is also the owner of the Eduardo Cojuangco Foundation (ECF), of which Danding is chairman.




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