Ramon Magsaysay Jr.: The First Kid (Mechanical Engineering)

Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. (who is currently in office) is a De La Salle University alma mater that stands as a prestigious government official and political figure. Born and raised in the Philippines on June 5, 1938, Magsaysay was raised by his father, former President Ramon Magsaysay and his mother Luz Banzon. During his years in De Le Salle, Magsaysay earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering before moving to the United States to take up his masters in Harvard School of Business and New York University Business School of

Administration. He also held a position in the Philippine Senate. When his father died when he was in the early age of 15 years old, Magsaysay learned how to be the man of the family. After finishing school in De La Salle and two other prestigious schools in the United States, Magsaysay learned the value of hard work. His earliest job was in Proctor and Gable Philippines where he worked as a Engineer Trainee. His final mark in the business world was as the Chairman of Asian Cable Communication Inc.

After his hard work in business, Magsaysay ran for public office and was part of the House of Representative from 1965 to 1969. After a failed Vice Presidential bid in 1992, Magsaysay could not be stopped and won a position in the Philippine senate from 1995 to 2001 and also 2001 to 2007.

A proud member of the De La Salle community, Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. remains a great man with great perseverance. He stands as one of the finest breed of men from a Filipino political family and still lives up to his dynasty today.


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