Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro: The Green Presidentiable (BS Commerce)

Gilberto Eduardo Gerardo Cojuangco Teodoro, Jr. or better known as Gibo Teodoro was born June 14, 1964. He was born in Isabela and he is the only child of  Mr. Gilbert Teodoro, Sr. and Ms. Mercedes Cojuangco Teodoro. He was famously known for running in the 2010 Presidential Election for the merged party which was the Lakas Kampi CMD.

Gibo Teodoro studied high school at Xavier School and graduated in 1981, he finished his undergraduate studies with a degree in Commerce at De la Salle University in 1985, finished Law at the University of the Philippines 1989, then in 1997, he got his Master of Law degree from Harvard Law School. Mr. Teodoro started participating in Politics at a very young age, he was the Kabataang Barangay President in Tarlac at the age of sixteen. Then, he became the House Representative for Tarlac’s First District for three consecutive terms (1998 to 2007) completing the maximum allowed number of terms for the said position.

In 2007 he was appointed as the Secretary of the Department of the National Defense and then finally, he ran for the position of President of the Philippines in 2010 but only ranked fourth after Benigno Aquino III, Joseph Estrada, and Manny Villar.


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