Gary Valenciano: Mr. Pure Energy

Edgardo José Martin Santiago Valenciano is such a mouthful. No wonder he compressed his name, reeling it in with only five letters: Gary V. Probably the Philippines’ best performer, it is without a doubt that he deserves the nickname of Mr. Pure Energy. Likened to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Gary V. has never failed to stun audiences with his kinetic aura onstage whether it’s singing sappy teleserye theme songs or getting jiggy with it like he’s not a day over 20. Garnering numerous awards for his vocal prowess such as eleven Awit Awards, Gary V. is an artist that never seems to want to fade into the shadows. Although he has been battling juvenile diabetes, he does not show signs of ever slowing down.
Apart from the Arts, Gary V. also shows his humanitarian side by being the first UNICEF National Ambassador of Goodwill for the Philippines. Sharing this title with Angelina Jolie and Diana Ross, he gives great importance on the rights and welfare of children here in the Philippines. Through this, he is able to create a lasting impact in the lives of those he has touched. Contributing to the propagation of the Arts and being a man of humanitarian actions, Gary V. is definitely one of the most iconic La Sallians.

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