Mike Enriquez : A Media Man, A Legend

greatest living filipino

Excuse me po!

The line that almost every Filipino knows and loves, and who said it? Why, it’s the legendary newscaster Mike Enriquez!

Mike Enriquez was born in Santa Ana, Manila on September 29, 1951. Who would have thought that he is already 61 years old?

He had a knack for radio, so when he was visiting his friend from Manila Broadcasting company, he suddenly since then worked various jobs for radio. He is a broadcast reporter, program director, station manager, and a whole lot of radio work. Mike was the voice behind Mellow Touch 94.7 and was a disc jockey where he was known as “Baby Michael”.

But it was when he was hired by the GMA Network, one of the two leading television companies in the Philippines (ABS-CBN as the other one) to host the ongoing show Saksi. He was always featured on television ever since.

He then left Saksi to host 24 Oras where he is the resident anchor together with Ms. Mel Tiangco, another very influential newscaster in the Philippines. And ever since, we have been seeing that unique face and hearing that very tough voice on television.

Mike is also known for his show Imbestigador which targets to stop and catch illegal doers. Imbestigador is one of the most successful shows of GMA ever. Of course, Mr. Enriquez is one of the biggest reasons of the show’s heightening success.

Mike isn’t only a great voice, he is also a great journalist. Last 2008, Mike was awarded as the 1st Filipino recipient of Visionary Award for Journalism in the first ever annual Filipino-American Visionary Awards. In his radio station named Saksi Sa Dobol B, Mike continues and strengthens his journalistic professionalism and abilty.

Behind all this success and influence, we shan’t forget where the biggest man on news came from. He finished his degree of AB Liberal Arts in Commerce in 1973 from the De La Salle College.

Mike Enriquez is truly one of the biggest television and news icon in the Philippines, and it truly makes every Lasallian proud and inspired to see a fellow green-blood as successful as him.

Mike is a very inspired and nationalistic person. He wants to inform and help people, and it is through his talent that he has successfully executed such passions. Never will that voice be erased from any Filipinos’ mind, and never will his Animo die down.

Excuse me po!





Centennial Media Launch 03-14-11



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