Edu Manzano: The Jack of All Trades

Article by Joaquin Hernandez

Edu Manzano, a De La Salle University alumni, started his career in the movie industry after moving to the Philippines when he was just 22-years-old, after serving 4 years under the American Army. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Edu does not only boast famous movies and successful television shows, but also ran and stayed in the Filipino government from the years of 1998-2001 (as Vice Mayor of Makati City) and 2004-2009 (Optical Media Board Chairman).  As current, ABS-CBN contract holder, Manzano took a short leave when running for the Vice Presidency in 2010 but returned immediately after loosing the election. His son, Luis Manzano, has taken his father’s footsteps by also joining showbiz as a recent young star in the country’s array of bright talent. Manazano currently hosts the game show “Game N Go” after making a switch to blooming network TV5 and keeps a wide interest in real life and political events, apart from being a very successful media personality.

Edu currently hosts “Game N Go” for the budding television station TV5.


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